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More Design Fun!

As promised, here are a few photos of the murals I have been working on over the past little while. Keep in mind that I am NOT a photographer and that I was only in charge of the painting of the walls. All the junk and clutter in the surrounding area is NOT MY IDEA!

This is what they call the "Tween Room". It's a space for older kids to hang out so they wanted bright and fun but NOT BABYISH. (No, the rug did not inspire the walls. I designed the mural first and the rug was just a happy accident. Sometimes you get lucky like that.)

Another view. The oddly placed cabinet and chalkboard were already there. I did my best to work around it.

From the main room looking in.

A detail of the shorter wall. This was really fun to do and the crisp, clean lines in between colors were sooo satisfying!

This area is called the Craft Room. Don't know why because it is where the little boys play video games. Maybe in another lifetime . . . They wanted something very child-like -- almost coloring book-ish. The giant grasshopper and ant pile? Not my idea. (Love those special requests!) The black underneath is chalkboard paint.

A detail of the left side.

A detail of the right side.

A cute little tree on the facing wall. Notice how banged up it is on the bottom. Kids!

So, that's it. Try not to laugh at me. We'll post some more pictures of Sydney's room when it's finally complete and other fun things I find to work on. Have a great Memorial Day. (And Happy Birthday yesterday, Kelly!)


  1. Wow, Amy! I knew you were talented, but... WOW. Amazing. I bet your whole house looks terrific, will you post pictures of it? And when can you come do my house? :)

  2. Cynthia, you're too kind. I would LOVE to come see your house. We should talk . . . I smell another REUNION!!!

  3. Hey Amy! You are by far one of the most faithful bloggers I have ever met. It is so fun to come and snoop once and awhile and see what you guys are up to. I have been meaning to get our family blog up and running, but...
    Your murals are AWESOME! How great is it that you get paid doing what you love. I could SO use your help with my house right now! I have often wished we lived closer so I could tap into your amazing talents and creative mind. Not to mention just get a good laugh in, you really crack me up!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brent tomorrow!


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