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Big Fun Monday!

Today is a big, fun day. We are going to the hospital to get trained to use Riley's new continuous glucose sensor. We held off getting it for a while because I hate the idea of him having one more thing stuck into his belly. In the end, however, we decided that ANYTHING we can do now to make his life easier in the long run is worth doing. (Riley agrees, too.) And this thing sounds awesome. It checks his blood sugar every 10 seconds (or something ridiculous like that) and has an alarm that tells you when his levels are getting too high or too low. We're still praying for a cure, but this is going to be really cool. Wish us luck in figuring it all out!

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  1. I hope that goes well.

    Remember this is imperfect technology. But it really helps. I've found my control has vastly improved since starting on a CGM.

    I hope Riley's experience is every bit as good.


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