My 3 Monsters: Reminiscing About the Early Years
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Reminiscing About the Early Years

Brent and I have been married a long time. It's kind of fun once in a while to think about when it was all shiny and had that new relationship smell. Today I happened to wander down that lane. I was thinking about ordering a pizza on Friday night and trying to finish the New York Times crossword puzzle. I remember meeting on the quad for caffeine free Dr. Peppers. I remember watching old Full House re-runs together every evening while I did my homework and Brent . . . er, watched Full House. I remember playing Phase 10 with Cathy and Erik and cheating our pants off. I remember spending every possible waking moment together and it was never enough. Life seems like it was so much simpler then. Ahhhh, to be a newlywed again and really appreciate it.


  1. OK, so how this got posted Wednesday at 11:07 when it is only 8:54 is a mystery to me. I wrote it last night before I went to bed. Spooky . . .

  2. Yeah..I never understand the post times. With all the wedding stuff going around here I have been thinking the same way. Of course I get to remember "fancy pants." Aren't I lucky? hehe


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