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Still More Design Fun

Some of you have been to visit since we painted the brick wall in the boys room. Some of you have not -- yet. It is one of my more successful faux painting projects that I have attempted, so I thought I would post some pictures. I've always had this fantasy about living in one of those loft apartments built in an old factory in the middle of the city somewhere. This is about as close as I'll probably ever get.

Just the one wall is faux brick. All the others are that pretty faded-denim blue with white trim. We have red furniture (dresser and bunk beds) and red and blue plaid quilts on the beds. I have hung vintage-looking posters. One is a super cool Saturday Evening Post cover given to us by Brent's mom and dad. We also have a cool autographed basketball jersey my dad gave us that we are planning to frame and hang above the dresser.

This is the wall that we built (with a lot of help from Zach and his dad) when we bought the house. It was our first attempt at finishing drywall and, as such, needed to be hidden. When I found this cool anaglypta wallpaper I knew it was just the thing. First we (and by we I mean I )wallpapered the wall (to get the brick pattern and texture) then we faux painted the brick colors on top. I think it turned out pretty neat. Next project in this room: Applying cork with cool wooden frames to the closet doors so my prolific little artists will have somewhere to display their work. Photos will follow if it turns out well.

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  1. WOW! Your brick paint job looks exactly like the brick we had in our house in Canada! I think my parents salvaged it from an old building. Looks awesome, another awesome job Amy!


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