My 3 Monsters: Top Ten Time Again! (First one on the blog.)

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Top Ten Time Again! (First one on the blog.)

Hey all! Another month has come and gone and you all know what that means . . .
MAY 2008

10. (This is actually a left-over from last month, if we're being technical.) Brent and I rented Mr. Woodcock from We never seemed to find the time to watch it which became kind of a joke between us. Then, because Brent is Brent, "watching Mr. Woodcock" became a euphemism for -- well, you know. Luckily the kids are still too sweet and innocent to get it. One day Brent had a conversation with Sydney that cracked me up because I think they were talking about two very different things.
Sis: When will I be old enough to watch Mr. Woodcock?
Brent: When you're married.
Sis: But by then I probably won't even want to watch Mr. Woodcock anymore.
Brent: That's pretty much the way it works . . .

9. Lunch dates. Is there anything more wonderful than meeting someone for lunch?! Husband, girlfriends, I don't care. The food is cheaper, the restaurants less crowded, and, in my opinion, the sun shines just a little bit brighter when you're done. I live for the first Monday of every month with the girls and the odd Tuesday meeting with my husband. Life never seems quite as good as it does over lunch with friends.

8. Riley takes advantage of the substitute school nurse. Our regular nurse was out sick. The sub called Riley down to her office to get his blood sugar checked, but by the time he arrived she had forgotten why she had called him in the first place. She asked him if he was feeling sick. Riley, intelligent boy that he is, saw a golden opportunity. She was asking him if he wanted to go home. And he DID want to go home. She called me. I ran to pick up my poor, sweet, sick little boy. In the car on the way home I happened to ask him how his blood sugars had been at school that day. Riley says, "Oh . . . about that . . . " and the truth comes out. I couldn't help but laugh. That little punk! Sweet, conniving, little punk!

7. Our new dining room table. It's a hand-me-down from our good friends, but it is big and square and beautiful and I love it. If you come to visit we'll feed you a delicious meal. It seats 8 comfortably (which is a tricky thing in a 1300 sf house).

6. PSSSHHT!! This month I got some Lysol Freshmatic air fresheners on sale. You've seen the commercials -- the ones that automatically spray every 9, 18, or 36 minutes. I got one for each bathroom and set them all for 36 minutes. Just my luck, they don't all spray simultaneously. And they are REALLY loud. So every 12 minutes or so (around the clock) wherever you are in our home you will hear the lovely PSSSHHT!! sound. And heaven forbid it go off while you are using the bathroom. Yikes! I have kind of a love/hate relationship with them because, while I hate the sound, I adore the lovely fresh aroma that wafts out and fills the surrounding area a minute later. Yes, life really is dull around here. It's official.

5. As if further evidence were needed to confirm our dullness . . . The Coolest Toilet Seat Ever! OK, maybe not EVER. I will say it's the coolest toilet seat in the $20 or less price range for mothers of small boys. That would be a fair statement. The hinges actually unlock and pop off so you can clean underneath them and (AND!!) rinse them out in hot water when you clean the bathroom. It is a truly wonderful advancement in toilet seat design. I've never felt quite so good about the cleanliness of my bathroom. I'm a happy mama.

4. Riley's sleep over. Riley had a friend sleep over a few weeks ago. It was cute and they had a good time. Until it was time to go to bed. This sweet little boy had never slept over anywhere before and to say he had trouble falling asleep would be an understatement. At one point he came into my room and said, "I just need someone to rub my back and sing to me." Ummmmmmmm . . . . that's the stuff law suits are made of. I don't even rub my own kids' backs and sing them to sleep. Does that make me a bad mom? A bad host?

3. Economic Stimulus. Did you feel it? Did you feel us stimulate the economy when we used our wad of cash to pay off Brent's kidney-stone-hospital fiasco? That was good, huh?

2. Our obese Mii's. I'm embarrassed. Brent got Wii Fit for his birthday/father's day/probably Christmas gift yesterday. It is super fun, but I have a love/hate relationship with that, too. It says that we are borderline between overweight and obese. (head hung in shame) And it made our Mii's fat. Stupid, stupid video game. Can you really trust it though? It says Riley is overweight, too. Riley! Come on.

1. Riley: "Mom, this TV makes your room look junky." Really? Really?! Are you sure it's the TV, and not the junk that you kids have left everywhere in here, that makes the room look junky? Hmmm. Note to self: Clean up bedroom.

And there you have it. Another month worth of our particular brand of madness. Hope you are all well and happy.


  1. I love your Mr. Woodcock story. When I taught Special Ed. we used to use a test called the "Woodcock Johnson." Sherm caught on and would frequently ask me if he needed to administer me the Woodcok Johnson.

  2. I MUST have that toilet seat. Where is it from???????


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