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Boo, Who?

Dylan was in an especially oratorical mood last night and, among other things, expounded on his future "boo". Or girlfriend or wife, to you and me. She must:
  1. be just like his mom
  2. be blond with skin like Sydney's (just like mom???)
  3. not be sassy
  4. not wear retainers
  5. be pregnant, but not fat (hopefully not when they meet . . . )
  6. enjoy playing video games on the his-and-hers plasma TV's he is going to buy
  7. let him sleep in his big truck (???)
  8. enjoy going to Denny's and bowling on dates.

Those are his words, not mine. To loosely quote Jane Austen, if such a woman existed she would be a fearsome creature to behold. Honestly, I can imagine worse daughters-in-law than that. Good luck to you, my son. Good luck.


  1. Dylan has a good list. I have one question.... big truck and bowling.. where in Texas does he want to live??

    grandpa hughes

  2. At least he knows what he wants . . .


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