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I failed yesterday to mention that my sweet little Riley is now 8 years old. Where does the time go? Seriously! This is so cliche, but it truly does seem like just last week that he was a tiny little guy who smelled like heaven and fit perfectly in the crook of my arm. It seems like no time at all since I first met this wonderful, courageous kid with the gigantic cowlick and a grin as wide as the day is long. At what point did he become a math whiz (perfect score on his standardized tests this year!) or a gaming expert? And since when do 8 year olds ask for iPods and have opinions about music? I feel like somebody hit the fast forward button on my life when he was fresh and new and the years since have all been a blur. I know it's traditional for the birthday boy to make a wish, but I have a few wishes of my own:
  • I wish everyone in the world could see this kid's smile in real life.
  • I wish he felt like he had more to smile about. The weight of the past couple of years has been a lot for a little guy to bear.
  • I wish, for one instant, he could know how much I love him. I tell him and tell him, but can he ever really know? Do any of us really understand the depth of our mothers' love?
  • I wish he would still let me kiss him goodbye before he got on the bus before school.
  • I wish I could go back and relive July -December 2000 and take the time to appreciate it all. To just sit more and snuggle my precious boy knowing how soon it would all be over.
  • I wish he didn't have to be so brave. But I'm glad that he is.

We gorged ourselves on peanut butter and jelly cake and mac and cheese yesterday and laughed as he danced and sang along to his iPod when he thought no one was looking. He told my mom, "I only got one present from my mom and dad, but it feels like a million because it is so good." Ahhhhhh. I adore that kid!

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  1. Officially tearing up here. I am thisclose to waking up my baby just so I can snuggle him for a few minutes... but then he'd want to eat, and we have to leave in an hour, and I'm still in my pj's... so next time he wakes up on his own, there will be some serious cuddling going on. They do grow up so fast, don't they???


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