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I Kissed a Girl . . .

Brent dreamt a few nights ago that I cheated on him . . . with a girl. And not just any girl, probably the most revolting girl that we know. (If you've ever been to Phoenix to visit us you'll know who I'm talking about.) I got the distinct feeling that he was a little angry about it, too. I mean in real life. Come on! Shouldn't I be the one with a chip on my shoulder? Why would he even ever think (even in his dreams) that I would turn my back on the eternal bliss I have with him? And for a toad, no less. Also, does he think that she's the best I could do? Because I gotta tell ya', I've been hit on by much better looking ladies than his little dream allowed. So, we've talked and I told him that if, IF, I'm going to be going around kissing people in him little dreamland I would very much appreciate it being a strapping young man or at least a beautiful girl. Otherwise, what's the point? If I'm going to break his subconscious-heart I think I'd prefer to do it with a bang!


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  2. Did you like the taste of her cherry chapstick?


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