My 3 Monsters: Impromptu Vacation, Day two

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Impromptu Vacation, Day two

The fun continues. The air guys did not show up today because they could not get a hold of us to confirm our appointment the afternoon before. Which of the three numbers had they tried to call, we asked. Only the home number. THE HOME NUMBER, PEOPLE!!!! It's 108*! You're supposed to come fix our AIR CONDITIONER! Do you think we're going to be at HOME!! Maybe, MAYBE that's why we gave you are cell number and , AND, the number at THE HOTEL in which we are forced to stay. That would have been my train of thought. Call me crazy. And thanks for just letting me vent. Trying to keep a stiff upper lip in front of the kids is exhausting work. So desperate was I for solitude this afternoon, I drove all the way to IKEA just to drop the kids off in the play land and wander aimlessly for 90 minutes. Sydney just so happens to be one inch too tall to enter the play land. ARRRRRGH!!!! So, I gallantly offered to come home this evening (in the heat) to cook some frozen pizzas for dinner. I may have a steady stream of sweat rolling down my back, but at least it's quiet. Pray they come between 9 and 1 tomorrow like they promised.


  1. Oh Amy, I do not envy you that awful heat! You are welcome to come hang at my house... :) Wish that was helpful. I hope they come tomorrow so you can finally spend some time at home this month!

  2. I know what you are going through-sort-of. Our heater broke down in the middle of a Minnesota winter! We were all huddled around the fireplace. It took forever for them to show up too. I think we did end up sleeping at my parents' house for a while.


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