My 3 Monsters: Summer, You've Worn Out Your Welcome.

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Summer, You've Worn Out Your Welcome.

I caught my kids playing the weirdest game this morning. One kid is "the boss" conducting a job interview with kid #2. The third kid is, by my best guess, a disgruntled employee. Child #3 paces behind the boss holding a binder (to make him look official, I think) making faces at the boss and doing silly things to try and make the interviewee laugh. The interviewee must not laugh and answer all the bosses questions to try and get hired. If the boss catches the disgruntled employee in the act of buffoonery, he will fire him a la Donal Trump on The Apprentice. The boss also gets to choose what kind of a job they are hiring for. Today I saw Sydney try to get hired on as a Christmas tree grower (So, how long have you liked Christmas trees, asked Dylan) and Riley try to get a job as a video game "guy" (What makes you interested in video games, Sydney questioned). It was all very entertaining, but how many days until school starts?

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