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EWWWW, Sticky!

Things are always fun when your kids start to be old enough to use the telephone. Old enough, but stilled so very uncapable. We had a little sticky, awkward situation yesterday. The phone rings.

"Is Riley there?"
"Sure. I'll get him . . ." Quiet conversation ensues.
"Mom, can I go play at Caden's?"
"Absolutely. Find out what time." More quiet conversation. He hangs up the phone. Then, as he's running upstairs to change his clothes, "Wait a second . . . I'm not sure if he said Caden or Aiden."

Crap. Sydney suggests *69. That's why we pay her the big bucks.

Crap. The number doesn't match Caden OR Aiden's. Maybe Braden? Nope. Not Braden either. Sydney sagely suggests we call the number and see who it is. Perfect. Except that "we" means me and I'm still a little bit phoneaphobic, even with the "happy pills". Deep breath and I'm dialing . . .

"Hi. This is Amy. Who's this?"

Turns out it was Caden after all. Whew! The things we do for our kids.

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