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Ups and Downs

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days . . . or something like that.

THE GOOD: I got a ton of food for, like, $11 today with my coupons, including 8 boxes of granola bars for FREE! Also some free breakfast sausage links, some free Tava sparkling juice drinks (how you like me now, Gregsons?), free mechanical pencils, free bags of salad, free Pillsbury pizza crusts, free nail files and cuticle trimmers, free hairspray, free aspirin, and 2 free loaves of french bread. I'm a dork, but that's a real high! Add that to my $20 I spent Saturday and that makes $31 to feed a family of 5 (WELL) for a week -- Fried Chicken with milk gravy, Thai noodle bowls, Margherita and Alfredo pizzas, Bratwurst and Cole Slaw, Baked French Toast with fresh strawberries, etc. Not too shabby, huh?

Also, tomorrow is haircut day!!!! I feel like I'm floating I'm so excited. What are the chances I'll be the first person ever to come out of Alina's salon looking bad?! Expect photos tomorrow.

THE BAD: I need a new eyelash curler really bad and I had a coupon to get one for 89 cents, but they were all sold out. Boo.

AND THE UGLY: Dylan got beat up on the bus today. This third grader who Sydney and Riley describe as "pure evil" slapped him on the face twice and punched him in the stomach really hard. This after he called my son an idiot and punched him in the crotch as a joke on Friday. Hahahahahahahah! I don't get it and I'm not amused. Dylan is a punk, but he means no harm to anyone. The bus driver told Sydney (who, for the record, seemed more traumatized than D) that he was going to give the video recording from the bus cameras to the principal to review. You better believe she got an e-mail from me to review as well. It just makes my heart sad. Why would someone be mean to one of my babies?!

Oh well. Tomorrow is a bright new day.


  1. Poor Dylan--I hated riding the bus growing up. Someone was always bullying someone else. What is it about the bus that inspires such behavior? I'm glad they have cameras now. It'd better improve things!

  2. I always hated it, too. Something about knowing that the only adult around is otherwise occupied brings out the worst in kids. Not fun.


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