My 3 Monsters: Mural Painting: Day 7

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Mural Painting: Day 7

I fixed it! Much happier now.

A good start?

I took a short day today and came home at 1:00. I was just too achy and tired after yesterday's marathon of painting. And I was just in the way of the electricians and A/V installers. They were very gracious and kind, but I could tell. I'm thinking I'll be able to finish up on Saturday. Knock on wood. I still have all the outlining to do on the treasure map and the curtains. I decided to go with a more cartoony look on the curtains. That will save me about 15 hours of tedious shading and such. AND, it's FOR KIDS, right?! They also asked me to paint a logo above the door to the room with the graffiti. That should be a quick one and then I'll be done. Let me say that again and roll around in the words a bit . . . then I'll be done! That felt good. I can't wait to be able to sleep in til 6:15 again and catch up on my grocery shopping and laundry. Who'd a thunk it?!

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  1. WOW!I am in awe...again. When I grow up, can I be just like you?


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