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Oh Schicks, That was Good!

We spent our Thanksgiving today with our fabulous friends, Greg and Tammy and their kids. Tammy is a wonderful cook who pulled out all the stops for this feast. I did some baking, but Tammy and Greg did the heavy culinary lifting today. Hello, two turkeys!?! One smoked, one roasted. It was delicious. And it made me so very grateful for friends who have become like an extended family to us here in Arizona. We don't get to travel as much as we would like, so being with real, actual family is a bit of a novelty and there are lots of long, lonely spaces in between those joyous reunions. We've been blessed enough to find a group of people here who fill all those gaps. I've been thinking of this famous quote all day -- "That man is most truly blessed who has his friends." Or maybe it said family. I can't remember. I can't find it online. Blast! Well, I say, "That man is most truly blessed who has good friends and family." And that's us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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