My 3 Monsters: Trot Out the Turkeys

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Trot Out the Turkeys

Today was the annual Turkey Trot at the kids' school. Brent had to work so I got to run with all three of my little monsters. In the rain. You'd think the school would cancel it, but you'd be wrong. I offered to keep the kids home from school and take them out to breakfast, but they weren't having it. We grow 'em tough out here in the desert. First I ran with Riley after warming up to the "Chicken Dance". It was the medium length course. He did fantastic. And we took this picture:

We got done just in time for me to line up and do the chicken dance warm-up with Sis's class. Hers was the long course. She did fantastic. I just barely hung on. Then we took this picture.

I finished with her just in time to line up with D. Another chicken dance and we were off on the short course which didn't really feel very short at the time. He did fantastic and we took this picture.

Then I checked my kids out of school early and we met Brent for lunch. Fun, fun, fun! You gotta' love traditions.

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  1. Good for you running THREE times! That should count as exercise for three days, by my count. Cute pictures. I LOVE D's face: "Huh?!" Way to run off the turkey before you even eat it! :)


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