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with a kid who behaves so badly he has to be removed from Family Night and sent to bed? Who then proceeds to sit in the hall at the top of the stairs and throw things down to disrupt the Family Night that is still happening in spite of him, gosh darn it? Who breaks the window next to the front door with one of said projectiles? Deep breath. The tiny little window that we didn't have replaced with the rest of the windows because it was going to cost too much. The tiny little window which will now, right before Christmas, have to be replaced regardless of the expense. What do you do with a kid like that?! Seriously, I'm asking!! We can't make him "pay for it" by doing extra chores. He is already working off the $129 he owes us for breaking Riley's Nintendo DS several months ago. At the rate he's going he should have that debt payed by the time he's my age. And, let's be honest, at some point I'd like him to be able to save up some money and move out of my house. So things stop getting broken.
Serenity now!


  1. OK, there must have been some 6-year-old alliance going on last night because ours also got kicked out of FHE for throwing tantrums, then proceeded to continue with the tantrums at the top of the stairs...luckily nothing got broken, but if I had been the parent on the front lines this time, something may have gotten broken if you know what I mean... every time I think we've "grown out of" it, I'm reminded otherwise.

  2. Maybe we do a child swap. My first grader for yours. Then, they'll see that their own household is where they want to be and it will shake them into shape. Maybe Christmas is when we do the handoff? Feel free to use that as a threat from now until then. Maybe we can make a few phone calls to him and explain how miserable life would be here. Raw veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No TV EVER. Toilet scrubbing, dirty diaper changing, etc... for "freetime" activities. It just might work.


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