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Another Satisfied Customer

This is how I spent the last day and a half. OK, just 8 hours spread out over the past two days. This was for mural client # 2. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, especially since it was too light for my projector to work so I had to freehand everything. The monogram is not quite round and the words above the flag are not perfectly spaced, but what can you do? I'm loving the way the flag turned out. This girl's husband just got home from Iraq and they bought their first house. The first picture is from her craft room. The monogram is in the master bedroom. (I was planning on doing the same thing in ours so I'm glad I got to practice. Mine will be round. Perfectly. Bet on it.) The flag is in her husband's "office". Really nice people. Really fun project. Much more my speed.


  1. Very nice. You can be the only LDS family with quotes all over your walls and none of them are vinyl letters! Looooooove the flag. That is incredible.

  2. That flag is unbelievable! You ROCK girlfriend!!!

  3. OK, Those are more than Amazing! I can't get over that flag! I so could use you here! Can't wait to see you all at CHristmas.

  4. Just thought I'd let you know that yesterday morning as I went into the gym I noticed a little holiday scene painted on the window of the childcare center and thought to myself, "That looks like crap. They obviously couldn't find someone as good as Amy up here." And it did. Look like crap. :)


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