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I've Fallen in Love!!!

With this fabric. Oh, how I dream of redoing my bedroom. How beautiful would it be, with the green walls and black furniture I already have, to make this into a duvet cover?

And this one for curtains . . .

. . . and this one for accent.

I've spent hours ogling this "fabric porn" and it's making me think all the wrong thoughts. I'm wishing I could have just one yard of it. But if I order one yard and pay the shipping I may as well order the eight I would need for the duvet and shams (with solid white -- something cheep for the back sides) and the six I would need for curtains and the three I would need for accents. Right? What could I do with just ONE yard?Maybe in another time and another place in my life . . .
But then . . . I can't have the Tempurpedic mattresses I covet and in six short weeks the ancient TV we have in here will no longer work . . . Would it be so wrong to comfort myself by wrapping up in this absolutely lovely duvet for a while? Could this possibly be a need rather than a want?
Could it count as therapy and be covered by my insurance?
Jeff, hook me up with a prescription for 17 yards, pretty please.
Or maybe just remind Brent of the generous gift we got from your parents . . .


  1. It's lovely. I am loving your addiction to "fabric porn." I guess we all have our weaknesses... :)

  2. could we all start a trust fund for the curtains or duvet cover?


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