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Yep. Girly Hormones.

Today was Sydney's turn. She couldn't get out of bed. She was "too tired" to go to student council at 7:15. (But she was OK to ride the bus and hang out with her friends at that same hour. Hmmm . . . ) I'm trying to control her life and she's not going to wear a jacket given to her by such a mean mom. On and on. Tears and theatrics. I sent her right back to bed for a mental health morning. She slept a little, woke up and ate some of my ice cream from last night. We styled her hair as cute as can be and then she was ready to go to school at 9:00. So she missed student council. So maybe I'm not the most responsible mom in town. I knew what she was feeling and I knew what she needed. Sometimes we all just need someone to let us off the hook for a few hours. Merry Christmas, baby girl.


  1. I hope I can remember to be such an understanding mom when Olivia gets to that stage...actually, sometimes I think she is already there.

  2. Something is in the air...I am weepy at the drop of a hat. Today at weight watchers listening to people tell their stories, listening to Christmas music. Watching Oprah. We are heading to Marley and Me this Christmas. I am going to be a goner.

  3. This was a very sweet post!


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