My 3 Monsters: Anatomy of a 7th Birthday Party

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Anatomy of a 7th Birthday Party

Also required, but not pictured:
  • a man with a plan (Thanks Brent!!)
  • camouflage pants
  • super luxurious sleeping accommodations (a tent set up in the living room)
  • 4 friends
  • bomb-shaped cupcakes with magic relighting candle fuses
  • a really cool aunt to teach mom how to make super sweet t-shirts (Thanks Daina!)

Optional (but highly recommended):

  • Nerf guns
  • Wii
  • cheese pizza
  • ear plugs

My baby boy is turning 7 tomorrow and, as if I needed more proof, he is proving how grown up he is by having his first sleep over party. It's bittersweet. On one hand, I'm missing my darling, dependent, chunky, cheeky, cheerful little guy more every day. On the other hand, he's a great kid with great friends and I'm proud of the boy he's becoming. I can't stop time so I might as well embrace it.

This army-themed party is reminding me of a conversation I overheard when we were driving somewhere in Utah this Christmas. D turned to Britt and said, "Hey. If we both join the army at the same time maybe they'll give us both the same big gun." "Yeah, maybe," his cousin replied, nodding. Heaven help us all if our fates are ever left in the hands of these two little hellions.


  1. Awesome shirt! I need to try and make some too. Hope the party is a success and not a war zone!

  2. Sweet job on the shirts! Sounds like fun. Like Kristen, I hope the party didn't bomb! ha ha


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