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I'm Sooooo Green!

I needed groceries today. Lots of groceries. For my whole family for the whole next week. And I needed them cheap and wanted them fast. I don't know about you, but those are two ideals that don't work together when it comes to grocery shopping around here. Oh, I can buy food fast, but it costs more than I like to spend (which is as little as possible). I can also buy food cheap, but it takes all day to plan and clip coupons and go to three different stores. Today I opted for cheap . . . though it pained me to "waste" my entire day off doing so. Also, I'm not feeling very good so everything seemed to take twice as long as it should have. Ugh! Finally, at nearly 2:00 as I was heading out the door I was reminded (by the ONE reusable grocery bag laying by the door) of my firm resolve to be more environmentally kind this year. UGH! I drop my purse and keys and list and begin the process of gathering all the reusable grocery bags from their various and sundry hiding places, cursing my dang conscience all the while. Long story short (?), I did my shopping, used my cute little bags and decided it really IS so much more to fun to shop when you have cart full of cute, colorful bags as a visual reminder, to yourself and everyone else, of what a wonderful person you are. Ha!


  1. Yours ARE cute. Mine are just boring black with a red "VONS" on it. I got a few and keep them in the car, thinking that will remind me to use them whenever I go to the store...and then I forget to bring them in most of the time. But at least I have them...right? :) And by the way, you're a wonderful person even without the environmentally friendly bags.

  2. What cute kids! I like my bags from Bagnesia and you probably would too. They are stylish and hold a ton but still fold up to the size of a cell phone. You can even clip them all together with a little clip. They have a great thing going- you should check out their site. They actually have a whole kit that helps people with their bagnesia (forgetting their bags)

  3. p.s. I went to 2 stores this morning and remembered to bring my bags into the store, thanks to you! :)

  4. Mine are not so cute, so I usually forget them and curse myself for forgetting as the bag boy fills new plastic ones for me. I think the whole thing is really just a ploy to give us one more thing to feel guilty about :)


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