My 3 Monsters: In 2009 . . . (cont'd.)
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In 2009 . . . (cont'd.)

I'm not good at hellos and goodbyes. You'd think I would be after moving so much growing up. You'd be wrong. I'm not good at year-in-review thingys and I'm clearly not good at resolutions. I just have hopes and lots of crazy dreams. It works for me. All I really want is to be happy and, in my humble opinion, the happiest people are the ones who have hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow . . . Hope for life after death . . . Hope for the futures of my sweet little kids . . . Hope for a beautiful new bedroom enrobed in beautiful Amy Butler fabric . . . Hope for another cruise with "the compound" . . . Hope for more painting jobs . . . Hope for time spent with family . . . Hope that my parents will retire and move somewhere closer than Houston . . . Hope for another college reunion (this time not in MY town) . . . Hope that I will find an extra 1000 square feet of space in my cute little house . . . Hope that my good choices will lead me to the right place at the right time to make the difference I was meant to make in this world. So, 2009, I HOPE you'll be kind to me and my loved ones. And hello . . . or whatever . . .

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  1. I could just say "ditto" to pretty much all you said...but that would be cheating, I suppose. Your lists inspire me to look at what's really important to me and make goals accordingly. Well done!


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