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My Brush with Fame.

This is Micheal Pollack.
He owns the Tempe Dollar Cinemas.
He is a real estate developer.
He is the Donald Trump of the East Valley.
He looks a little like a porn star from the 70's.
Not that I would know, but I imagine.
Not that I imagine. Whatever.
He is a very, very minor local "celebrity'.
He was at BJ's last night when we went out for
Tammy's birthday pizookie.
He sat at the next table over from us.
So, yeah. It was a good night.


  1. I still not sure about the name of the place...but that sure is a yummy restaurant. Lucky. You are dining with celebs and I am hunting snakes!

  2. I have fond memories of eating that pizookie.... and if I could eat it while sitting in the near vicinity of a 70's porn star look-a-like, even better.

  3. This post just cracks me up. I love the "Not that I imagine. Whatever." part. I read your posts to my mom, and she says "You're friend Amy is really funny." And I must agree.


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