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Overcommitted and Undermotivated.

In the next seven days I have to:
  • sew a quilt for one of our young women who earned her recognition award
  • design and paint scenery for the elementary school musical
  • bake 4 dozen cup cakes for a wedding in our ward
  • work a double shift at the gym
  • take my kids to the school sock hop
  • bake a dozen cookies for Cub Scout Pack Meeting
  • work out six times
  • run to the Oriental market so I can make Panang Curry for the fam tomorrow night - AND -
  • not ingest any unnecessary chemicals, including, but not limited to: Tylenol, Tylenol PM (I've been having trouble sleeping), Excedrin and caffeine (and trouble waking up).

All I really want to do is:

  • lay in bed and watch TV
  • MAYBE bathe

What's a girl to do?! But really, wasn't today a wonderful day for TV watching?


  1. Dang! Made me tired just reading it.

  2. Just skip it all and come visit me. We can sit around, watch TV. Maybe a little Girls Just want to Have Fun..or the Labyrinth and eat cupcakes not make them :)

  3. Seriously, I'd be lucky to get just one of those done. I vote for laying in bed and watching movies. And I agree, a big day for our country.

  4. Love the honesty... and I so feel you. I watched tons of the inauguration coverage - I was weirdly fascinated by the President's limo. You are WAY too busy.

    Cathy - Love the Girls Just Want to Have Fun idea! Can I come too? :)


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