My 3 Monsters: Perfectly Committed and Perfectly Motivated -OR- What a Difference a Day Makes

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Perfectly Committed and Perfectly Motivated -OR- What a Difference a Day Makes

I'm feeling so much better today with that quilt under my belt. Please tell me it looks like a temple. I just need to add the gold buttons at the top for the Angel Moroni. Anyway, it was done for Young Women in Excellence tonight. I also got the lace sewn on Sydney's "Alice" apron (forgot to put that on the list), but we ate pancakes for dinner instead of the delicious Thai curry I had promised my children. Lee Lee's Oriental Market is at the top of my to-do list tomorrow, along with making posters for the gym (also forgot those on the list) and being home to be Visit Taught (I'm looking forward to that). All the rest is cake. Wanna' know a secret about me? I like to be busy. AND I kind of like to complain about how busy I am. Don't you hate those kind of people?! Whatever. (I'm also feeling better because I realized today that I can do many of the things on my list WHILE watching TV. Sweet! You should also know that I DID bathe today.)


  1. You're awesome. I love that temple quilt. Do you make one of those for every girl when they get their YW recognition award?

  2. You are a busy, busy, mommy! The kind of lady we all dream of becoming.
    And the PERFECT assest - is your ability to voice your frustration one minute and find peace in the next!
    You are amazing! :)
    *LOVE THAT TEMPLE! I may steal that for the next wedding gift...


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