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A "Room" of My Own

Welcome to my Craft Room/ Office/ 48 cubic feet of completely personal space. I can't begin to express how thrilled I am with it. It makes me giddy, really. The new year has blessed Brent and I with an even firmer resolve to organize these 1300 square feet we call home. It has been lovely finding room where once there wasn't and making things fit where once they didn't. And . . . (pause in due respect) . . . finding myself with a newly unclaimed closet. I quickly planted my flag and claimed it in the name of Amy G Designs before anyone else could get any ideas. I was going to start moving in this afternoon, but then my "designer" wheels started turning and I held off. I am going to milk these 48 cubic feet for all they're worth. I've been toying with ideas all afternoon . . . pink and brown, shabby chic, black and white damask, oh my! I think I've finally decided on robin's egg blue for the walls with a black silhouette-y branchy design painted by moi. The shelves will stay white. I have some cute little 10 inch square frames that I have made into cork boards to hang on the inside of the door and I am envisioning those pretty, big glass jars lined up on one shelf holding my ribbon collection and paint brushes and other sundries. Someone's going to be busy tomorrow . . . hee hee hee!


  1. Congrats on your new little piece of heaven! Can't wait to see the finished materpiece!

  2. Very exciting! I'm sure once you're done with it, it will be both beautiful and impeccably organized. Is this where your games used to be?

  3. you have quite a memory, Cynthia dear. That is exactly where it is!!! I'll post the after pics when I finish.

  4. Jars of ribbon? I'm jealous!

  5. What can I say, playing Life with your kids is an unforgettable experience. :)

  6. My if you can make a closet so desirable, what can you do with a whole house? I am jealous and my closet is white.


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