My 3 Monsters: Seven Things You May Not Know About My New Seven Year Old:

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Seven Things You May Not Know About My New Seven Year Old:

  1. Ever since he was about 18 months old, his head smells like toast. Not always. Especially not right after school when he's all sweaty, but first thing in the morning when he wants his wake up hugs. Toasty. And I love it.

  2. He. Has. Rhythm. (ba dum bum) He. Has. Music. (bum, bum) He. Likes. To. Dance. (sing it) Who could ask for anything more? He really would be a talented dancer if he had any desire to pursue that particular gift.

  3. He's really very quiet and shy. If you're an adult. And until he gets to know you. After that . . . watch out.

  4. He was my easiest infant. Dylan would sit in his bouncy seat or lay on the floor and entertain himself for hours on end. He didn't become a "hand full" until . . . about the time his head started smelling like toast.

  5. He is the biggest lazy bones in our family. Always has been, always will be. He likes to sleep.

  6. He adores baby girls and is adored by them in return. He was a huge help when he used to come to work with me. He'll be a wonderfully loving and tender father.

  7. He is Heavenly Father's gift to our family. We thought we were done with two -- a boy and a girl -- perfect. Heavenly Father knew better. Our family was forever changed 7 years ago and life has been brighter ever since.

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  1. What a sweet boy he is. And sounds like an awesome party. Next time I plan a little boy's birthday party, I know who to come to!


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