My 3 Monsters: Ummm . . . Mixed Reviews
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Ummm . . . Mixed Reviews

Love Kevin James. ( I married his doppelganger, didn't I?)
Laughed. A lot. (But was it really funny or did I WANT it to BE funny?)
Liked it? Ummm . . . let me sleep on it.


  1. I think I am going to have the same reaction...maybe a good Netflix? I do LOVE just going to a movie though. I might take people to Dog Hotel (so I think you saw the better movie this weekend).

  2. We were trying to decide whether to go see it last night. We decided on the James Bond flick instead, figured it would be cooler on the big screen. Maybe we'll wait till this one comes out on video. Hey, did you "move in" yet? Can't wait to see pics, I'm sure it's adorable.


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