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Father, Forgive Him.

Seriously dad, Brent wants to still be the "favorite". On Friday, Brent and his buddies lucked into tickets for the FBR Open here in Scottsdale. They were thrilled. By all accounts they had a fantastic time. Mostly. Until Brent and Mitch almost got themselves kicked out. Ummm . . . oops. They were watching a Canadian golfer putt and when he was finished they shouted, "Nice putt, Canada!" They didn't notice, however, the golfer still out on the green. Nor the unearthly silence of the crowd. No. Nor the man with the big Quiet Please sign in front of them. Nope. Didn't notice any of that until the man with the sign turned to them and said, "People have been removed for less than that". Luckily that last golfer made his putt and they got to stay. They were mortified when they realized what they had done. If you ask me, it would have been a better story if they had been kicked out. Whatever. Again, older and wiser . . .


  1. If the officiators came over to kick them out, Brent could have just done his "special" routine and his buddies could have used him as their excuse. Yes, a "special" Brent definitely would have called out before it was time.

  2. I watched the tournament on TV. THAT WAS BRENT???!!!


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