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600 SF of CRAP

I spent the day de-junking my upstairs. THE ENTIRE DAY!!!! I've really let my kids' rooms go to seed lately. It's easy. I just avoid going up there. I only have one child who still wants to be tucked in at night and B and I take turns doing that. So I only ever venture up there for a couple of minutes every other day. And I put the blinders on. BUT . . . deep in my subconscious I know that they are living in (self-induced) squalor and it gnaws my nerves to shreds. I knew that something had to be done. AND I knew that, today being the last day of school, it had to be done NOW. See, if the kids are actually present when I de-junk I can't actually de-junk at all. We simply end up shoving all the beloved junk into nooks and crannies. Not today. I was ruthless. Old school projects? Buh-bye. Broken toys? See ya. Perfectly good toys that no one will miss? Adieu. Out-grown clothing? Sayonara. SOOOOOOOOO cathartic!!!!!! I feel about a thousand pounds lighter tonight. Exhausted, but more peaceful. My kids are up there right now sleeping in fresh sheets with clean windows, closets and floors. We don't need to wake up early in the morning and have not one thing planned for the entire day. Life is bliss tonight. Next up, mommy's room.


  1. I love getting rid of old stuff. Takes me to my happy place.

  2. Nicely done! Did they notice stuff was missing? Me thinks not.

  3. I seriously need to follow your example. I think I missed the boat, though. Maybe while they are playing at friends' houses?


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