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20 years


Happily Ever After
Yes, I'm home. Yes, I'm exhausted. Yes, it's my 13th anniversary. Brent, I love you man.


  1. Happy 13 to two of the greatest people in the whole world!
    We love you guys! Here's to the next 13!
    0-75 BABY!

  2. Hilarious - LOVE the 20 year old photos! I can't believe Brent ever had hair like that, or that anyone caught you in such a pose. Congratulations on 13 years - that's amazing! How did we get to be people that could have been married for so long? Aren't we still just growing up?

  3. WOW it's been 13 years! I seriously thought we were on 12. I guess I need to brush up on my basic math ;) Happy anniversary guys!

  4. Great post. Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to more details of your cruise...


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