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So, we ended up taking the kids (and my friend Maura) to see Brian Regan last weekend even though it was too expensive (it's only money, right) and it was the night after the Father/Son Campout. It was good, good fun. We laughed. Hard. And Dylan took a $30 nap. Whatever. Click on the pictures to hear some of our favorite classic bits. If he comes to your town, promise me you'll go. PROMISE!


  1. Get out while it is overcast and get the pictures you want. That is the PERFECT lighting for great photos! Make sure your camera's white balance is set to overcast (the little cloud) and it will warm your photos right up. If the photo is exposed right, you will never know the weather was gloomy and kids won't be washed out or squinting :)

  2. AHHHHHH, Daina . . . if only I were as talented as you!!!


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