My 3 Monsters: I Missed the Party and I'll Cry if I Want To . . .

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I Missed the Party and I'll Cry if I Want To . . .

I've been sick. Like, sicker than I've been in years sick. Like, swine flu sick. (OK, maybe that was over the top.) Coughing, achy, stuffy head, fever sick. So sick that my dear husband thought it best if I didn't go camping with the rest of the fam and all our friends from church this weekend. Really, he was right. Staying home was best. But I can't help it if I feel sad. Sad to the bones that I missed the crawdads. Sad that I missed the hiking and creek wading.

Sad that I missed the two hour drive into the mountains in the rain followed by the miraculous clearing of the skies over the camping area. Sad that I missed staying up until one in the morning chatting with friends while the children played around the campfire. Sad that I missed the french toast breakfast and the dutch oven cook-off at lunch. Just so very sad.

I blamed it on being sick and overly tired, but I think my "poor me, I've been left out" sadness is at fault for the crying jag I've been on all afternoon. I don't like to miss the good stuff. Really don't like it. Especially when it's so very good. Thanks everyone involved with planning this camp-out. I hear it was a real blast. Next year

I'm there--

no matter what!


  1. We missed it too, and I feel the same way. The babies just aren't ready for something like that. Maybe in a year...

  2. Ummmm . . .I'm just barely getting my head around the concept of taking three kids camping. And mine are 11, 9 and 7. You are one brave woman, Sarah.


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