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Too Busy to Blog? Oh My!

Excuses, excuses. I know. But you should SEE my calendar right now. I coordinated volunteers, sold tickets and chaperoned Sis's first middle school dance last weekend. It was fantastic fun. I just think kids that age are so entertaining. I also got a fabulous haircut, did my Visiting Teaching and deep-cleaned my kids' rooms last week. Yikes! This week I'm sewing a Dorothy dress for Halloween, making salt-dough bats for one kid's class, helping carve pumpkins in both boys classes and baking cookies and french bread for the Teacher Appreciation dinner at the middle school. We have parent-teacher conferences, a birthday party and a book report due. I have Stake Leadership Training Meeting, Young Women's Presidency Meeting and a lunch date with my Visiting Teachers. I've committed to making chili and cornbread for the Chili Cook-Off at Trunk-or-Treat Friday night and I'm determined to win the trunk decorating contest -- hello . . . Haunted Mansion in my trunk . . . complete with chandelier and creepy apothecary? Oh, yeah.

I'm thrilled to death to be busy. I really am. I wouldn't change one thing about my life right now. My one lament is that my poor little blog here is suffering from my neglect. Maybe November will calm down a little . . . after I update the pod calendar at Sis's school, sew a quilt and make hundreds of cake balls for the Young Women in Excellence program . . .


  1. I love to be busy, too. But my calendar is nothing like yours. You amaze me. Enjoy it all!

  2. Good job with the business...I am doing the chili thing up here on Thursday. I have no idea how to make chili. Should be a good time.

  3. It's great when you can be so busy...the blog world will wait and always be here!!


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