My 3 Monsters: Relapse is a Part of the Recovery Process, Right?

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Relapse is a Part of the Recovery Process, Right?

Yeah, so. Lets be honest, we've all done things you're not proud of. Coke has come back to town and I'm letting it crash on my emotional couch for a little while. Sure, I KNOW Coke's no good for me. I grasp that intellectually . . . . It's just that we were more-than-friends for so long. Old habits are hard to break. I've watched enough Dr. Phil and Celebrity Rehab to know that this little relapse of mine was to be expected. I went five weeks Coke-less and then six, and that's when I got cocky. We were at Disneyland and in a moment of reckless abandon Brent and I shared a 32-ouncer. It was every bit as calming on my theme park-frazzled nerves as I remembered it to be. When we got home, it was my birthday and I justified a binge as a little birthday gift to myself. And that was the beginning of the end.

I am sipping a cold one now and I'm not gonna' lie, it's heavenly. But it's my last. My very last sweet, refreshing jaunt over to the dark side. Tomorrow morning I'm off to the gym first thing with a bottle of water in tow. I'm always a little better at resisting this particular brand of temptation with a 700-calorie deficit working for me. It's going to be an uphill battle for the next few weeks, folks.


  1. C'mon Amy, you can do it!

    I'm seriously contemplating doing a half marathon next May. How dumb of an idea is that? What training program did you follow?

    Would you want to make a trip up to Utah to do it with me?

  2. Perhaps . . . I'll have to try to find the website I followed again. It was a really easy program.


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