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Temple Rag Quilts

Remember the temple quilt I made earlier this year for one of our Young Women at church who was receiving her Recognition Award for completing Personal Progress? 

I'm making another one this weekend to present to another girl at our Young Women in Excellence program next week.  I don't sew very often , but I do enjoy it.  I designed this and have had several people request copies of the pattern.  Now, some nine months later, I have finally drawn something up. 

It shows how to lay it out, how many squares you'll need of each color, and has some very basic directions that assume you already know how to make a rag quilt.  (I'm not a good teacher.  Sorry.)  There is a great tutorial here if you need better instructions.  Good luck!  Let me know if you try it.

Some fun news:

Since I posted this idea, it has been added to the Sugar Doodle website. Right now it's up on the front page, but you can also find it under the Youth tab -- click on Young Women in the drop down box -- scroll down to Personal Progress Ideas, click on that and then scroll down to Other. It's fun to share new ideas . . . Heaven knows I've taken my share off of that site.  :-D


  1. That is such a cute quilt and an awesome idea. You have been blessed with an incredible gift. Thank you for designing it and sharing it with the rest of us!
    ps- I saw it on Sugardoodle. (Love that site!)

  2. Do you have an estimate on how long it takes? How does it compare, for example, to onesie making? Same as 5 onesies?

    Never served in YW, but when I do I am totally making these for the girls. They are adorable! So glad it's on sugar doodle, that is an awesome site!

  3. It probably takes three or four hours to make one, whereas I can whip out 5 onesies in less than two hours. Still, it's pretty easy work.

  4. I just LOVE this quilt! Gotta make one for my girls!

  5. Hey, I saw your temple quilt on Sugardoodle. It's so cute. I love making rag quilts but have never made a "picture" out of one. This is great. I thought I'd just mention it would be nice if you added a completed picture of your quilt to this page, so when someone (like me!) tries to "Pin" it, then there is a picture of the quilt to remember it by. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. That is such a great idea! I posted this when I was still pretty new to craft blogging so I didn't really know what I was doing. :D I have updated the post to {hopefully} make it easier for future pinners. Thanks a million for the suggestion!


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