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Crazy Eights

8: The number of times we said we were happy with two children.
8:  The number of months I waited (after finding out) for our third child to be born.
8:  The weight (in pounds) of my youngest (heaviest) baby.
8:  The number of times I have seriously considered sending him to meet his maker.
8:  The number of times he hugs me every day.
8:  His preferred hour to arise in the morning lately.
8:  The number of waffles he can eat in one sitting.
8: The number of Nerf guns in his arsenal.
8:  The age in the Mormon church when children are baptized -- a major milestone in our faith.
8:  The years I have been blessed with "Baby D" in my life.
8:  The number of seconds I would want to go on living without him.

*all numbers are approximations


  1. Scouts and Baptisms and 8 years old! What a big guy (go ahead, weap a little - I did when my baby turned 8!)

    Happy Birthday D!
    We love ya!
    -The Schick Clan

  2. Clever post! Happy birthday to little D.

  3. Pahahahaha! I wish I could plagarize this post when my next one turns 8. That's how much I love it.

  4. This was darling. You're so dang clever.

    p.s. short comment because I'm totally not expecting this comment to post...


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