My 3 Monsters: Happy New Year!! Wanna' Bowl of Soup?
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Happy New Year!! Wanna' Bowl of Soup?

I'm not really one for setting New Year's Resolutions.  I'm a big goal setter, so I rarely have to wait for January First to get inspired.  For the past month or so I've been reading the book You: Staying Young by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz.  (I'm late to get on the bandwagon with this one.  It's been all over Oprah's radar for years.  Which is why I haven't bothered to read it sooner. I hate Oprah. Fact.)  I know I'm still relatively young-ish.  I just haven't been feeling entirely healthy lately.  I don't sleep enough and I'm tired ALL the time.  I have an unhealthy dependency on a certain soft drink that shall remain nameless.  I don't like vegetables.  Or cooking.  Or cooking vegetables.  I've been running on empty for a while now.  This book has been a good read for me. . . once I got past the overuse of simile and the trying-too-hard-to-be-funny references.   It has opened my eyes to the way that our physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all intertwined.  I've also learned how hard my body is having to work to compensate for my less desirable habits.  Shocking.  So when I tell you about about the soup diet I've been on this week you'll, of course, understand that it is NOT part of a New Year's Resolution to lose weight.  The goal to get healthier and the month of January just happened to coincide by no planning of my own.  Great.

So . . . the soup diet.  You make a huge batch of vegetable soup one day and then every night for dinner you  take a little of the basic soup and doctor it up with fresh ingredients to make different kinds of soup.  There are also some suggestions for breakfast and lunch each day.  It has actually been pretty delightful.  The food is delicious and fresh and healthy.  Dinner is a snap to cook every night and my kids even like it (mostly).  They have been supplementing with chips and quesadillas and bread and butter on the side.  They're young.  Now, in the four and a half days that we have been eating and drinking healthy I have .............(drum roll) .............. GAINED THREE POUNDS!!!!!!

"Not possible," says my husband who has LOST three pounds to date.  "Phooey," say my children who feel like a million bucks.  "The scale doesn't lie,"  says me, weeping on the inside.  Where did I go wrong?!  Is it the two slices of cheese pizza I ate for lunch with my girlfriends yesterday instead of the club sandwich on whole wheat that was sitting in the fridge at home?  Was is the one measly cupcake sans frosting I ate at the youth activity at church Wednesday night?  The hand-full of pecans I snacked on between Visiting Teaching appointments Wednesday morning?  Did I really blow it when, throwing caution to the wind this morning, I ate the entire whole wheat english muffin instead of the diet-mandated half?  AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  For the record, in the recent past I could have eaten all those things plus the soup plus a 44 oz. Coke everyday and gone to McDonalds four times in a week WITHOUT GAINING THREE POUNDS!!!

Weight-gain aside, I would be happy if I was feeling peppy and wonderful from all this healthfulness.  No such luck.  I have been exhausted, grumpy and, Brent's personal favorite, weepy all week.  My skin has seen better days.  I'm still not sleeping well.  I want to die if I have to live one more day without refined sugar, preferably in cola form.  Please tell me that if I hang in there my body will catch up with my newer, better habits.  Please tell me that it's not always miserable to "be healthy".  And tell me it's OK to have another slice of pizza and a cupcake at my baby boy's birthday party tomorrow.  Or I might cry.  Again.

I don't think we'll ever do the soup diet again, but it has made me very conscious of portion control.  Also, I've joined the produce co-op again so we'll have a steady flow of fruits and veg into our home and I'm determined to stay off the soda.  So . . . baby steps, I guess.


  1. Are you going through withdrawls? No kidding - I've been off desserts/sugary friends (in any form) for the past week and I always am really grumpy in the beginning.

    Are you exercising? Remember those endorphins and how good they feel?

  2. Jeff wants to know why you hate Oprah.

  3. Screw the soup - take a Pamprin. It's all water weight and Pamprin has a diuretic. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Jeff -- this just about sums it up:

    She has soooo much and truly gives sooo little. She does NOT give away anything on her show. I mean nothing, zilch. It just looks that way. Every sponsor or guest promoting a product pays for it … all of it, in exchange for advertising and the thrill of being on her overrated show. She only gives money away if 1- she stands to benefit from giving and 2- she gets lots of publicity, applause and the chance to show off in front of tens of millions of people. If and when she does give, it’s always where she stands to benefit more, which kinda negates the act of giving. I think it also negates the true meaning of giving. She’s not as generous as many might believe. She’s also rude … cutting people off in mid sentence. She can’t even “give” the chance to finish a sentence.

    That's it. No big deal. I just don't watch her show.


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