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I'm Still Here . . .

Just got nothin' to say. Off the Coke (a-Cola) again and not sleeping well.  Grumpier than I ought to be and working on that.  Tomorrow.  Maybe. 


  1. I'm grumpy too. But so is Jeff. So, it's REALLY tranquil around here.

    Maybe the 4 of us need to take a vacation together. Maybe someplace tropical?

  2. Wouldn't that be nice . . .

  3. Glad you're still around. I've missed your blogging! OK, so it's only been a few days but you've spoiled us with your daily clever musings.

    Sunshine Day! Everybody's smilin'... Sunshine Day! Everybody's laughin'...

    hope you feel less grumpy soon. :o)

  4. I am grumpy too! Must be the weather with it's stupid 75 degrees...
    Let's do lunch tomorrow - my treat! Maybe at Shiela's so that Logan and Delia can play around??? I will call everyone.
    :) Lunch with my friends makes me smile!

  5. Hello? R U there? Missing your blog! Write about the soup week - I am dying to find out the details!
    I love you and your non-coke drinkin' self!


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