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Simple Gifts

I have been asked to work on a committee with some of the most wonderful women planning a Women's Conference for our Stake.  It has been so much fun.  The theme for the conference is "Simple Gifts" -- you know, the little blessings which bring us real joy.  They're everywhere.  Want to know some of mine?

home made bread (I know, enough about the bread already)
clean sheets
dirty jokes (OK, not too dirty)
a family meal
a good laugh
a good cry
a good, hearty laugh at yourself
expensive haircuts
cheap dates
early morning walks with my daughter
late night cuddles with my sick boy
a blood sugar reading of 96
reading a book with a dog curled up on your feet
celebrating with friends
comments on my blog
letters in the mail
cold, cold water (to drink)
hot, hot showers


  1. Remember Trudy, Aaron's wife? (Not sure how well you knew her.) Anyway, she kept a "Happiness Is. . . " book they found in her stuff and put her son's hospital room after their car accident. Some of my favorites:
    *Crackers and ham and peas on the floor tonight . . . b/c not only did that mean I had a full and busy day, but that I have a baby to love.
    *My husband staying home from work to spend the day with us
    *Finding peace in the gospel even when I have a calling I hate (it was cub scouts at the time:)
    *Talking to Sarah Bradshaw on the phone

    I was thrilled I'd made someone's "Happiness is" list. It's my goal to do so more often, whether people keep a list or not. I've started one myself and love it b/c it reminds me of all my "simple gifts."

  2. I am totally making a Happiness List with my family tonight for FHE (I know it's Tuesday - don't judge me, Mondays are busy around here)


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