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Staring Down My Demons

Today, after taking D to the doctor to get more albuterol for his wheezing, hacking cough, I went through the McDonald's drive-thru to get him the obligatory ice cream cone WITHOUT purchasing a delicious, sugary beverage treat for myself.  Ha HA!!!!!   It's the dawning of a new day around these parts . . .  the dawning of a new day . . .


  1. Take that sugary death in a cup!

  2. I just left a comment for you and IT WORKED!! I know I've tried from home many times (can't seem to do anything from my home computer), and it didn't work. Then I tried from work (also many times), and it still didn't work. So I haven't even tried to comment for a couple of months, but I just did and it WORKED! No rhyme or reason... yay though.

    ok, now to the comment: I am on day 3 of no DC. Trying very much to kick the habit after I realized I'd had one every day for a solid month. Just wanted to lend my support. Well done ;)


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