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Well, That Was Fast

Today.  A rainy, grey, beautiful morning.  (Rainy is rare and fun, for a change.)  A holiday.  A lazy, bread-making day.  Attempt #2 at honey whole wheat resulted in absolute perfection.  I guess I just needed the right recipe.  My friend Sarah e-mailed me her favorite recipe and it is heavenly, to say the least.  I will share the recipe soon, if it's OK with her.  It was so simple I can hardly believe it.  The only hard part was finding the dough enhancer.  It's at Whole Foods here in Chandler, if you're wondering, but I think I bought the last jar. 

Enjoy your holiday, everyone.


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  1. Yipee! I'm so glad you liked it. I'm so glad my neighbor shared the recipe with me. And please do post it. Good recipes are meant to be shared.


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