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Yeah, I've Become One of "Those" People

One of "those" people who give their dog Christmas presents.  One of "those" people who baby- talk to their pet.  (But those things are pretty common.  Right?) One of "those" people who look at a bare crate with an old blanket in the bottom and think, "My wittle poopsie needs a pwetty big-girl bed".   Really, it's just because her crate is huge and it's right in the living room.  Nothing comes into our home without being painted or slip-covered.  And don't tell me you didn't see this coming a mile away.  I bought a dog that matches my home decor, for heaven's sake.  This was my inspiration. And yes, this bedding was one of Cassie's Christmas presents.  Stop laughing at me.


  1. I am totally not a dog person, but those are so darn cute you are almost changing my mind.... almost.

    Cute color combo--it matches your new blog background. Which, by the way, I LOVE.

    I read Kristen's tribute to you--you are famous! And I couldn't agree more with all the great things she said about you.

  2. Thanks, Cynth! I have never been an animal person, in general. Don't know what's come over me. I made the bed to match the dog (black and white with a red collar) who in turn matches the living room. I'm a little crazy that way. Whatever.


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