My 3 Monsters: Heartbreak

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This is what an eleven-year-old's broken heart looks like:
She was running home so as not to be late for dinner.  And then she fell.  On the bright side, it still works perfectly . . .

This is what a happily married, thirty-six-year-old woman's broken heart looks like:
Dumb, dumb dog has had it in for that one spot on the rug since we got her.  This morning as I slept late and the children blissfully watched cartoons she seized her opportunity.  On the bright side, misery loves company . . .   Sis and I are two sorry, sad souls today.


  1. Poor Syd... I bet she was devastated... And poor you, too - that really sucks... Is it in a spot that can be hidden? :-( Give each other big hugs for me... :-)

  2. I love that you summed it up so well.

    Amy, I am having to "privitize" my blog after some sick-o posted on a blog post about Katie (it still gives me the willies).
    Please send me you email address and I will add you.



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