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REPOST Personal History Quotes

 Click the image above to link to John H. Groberg's talk,"Writing Your Personal and Family History" (Ensign, May 1980):

"I wonder if, as in so many things, we don't deny ourselves this deeper spiritual insight by simply neglecting to write our histories. Some people say,'I don't have anything to write. Nothing spiritual happens to me'. I say, 'Start recording and spiritual things will happen. They are there all the time, but we become more sensitive to them as we write."

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From Gawain and Gayle J.Wells, "Hidden Benefits of Keeping a History" (Ensign, July, 1986):

"Our Journals should become our own books of personal revelation.  If we are careful and diligent in recording the promptings and insights we receive, we will begin to see a pattern of how the Spirit works in our lives.  We will become more aware of the fact that we are indeed being guided in ways that we may not have recognized, and we will become more responsive to these thoughts, ideas and influences as they come to us.  We can be blessed as we write about our prayers, our scriptural understandings, and our struggles to draw closer to the Lord." 

"Likewise, it is important to record our feelings as we witness important periods of world and Church history -- periods long prophesied which come to pass in our lifetime.  Just as we may be grateful for ancestors' reactions to the historical events they lived through, our descendants will cherish our impressions of momentous times in our own lives."

"We are and must continue to be a history-keeping people.  As we are blessed in reading records kept by ancient prophets as well as our own ancestors, we also have been asked to keep a similar record that we may touch the lives of those who follow us.  And, in keeping this great commandment, we will experience greater joy and meaning in our lives."

From Jimmy B. Parker, "A Record of Our Kingdoms" (Ensign, August, 1976):

"Imagine the impact it would have on the lives of our family members if we taught them the great gospel principles of revelation, tithing, fasting, prayer, etc., from personal family experiences, using them as a second witness to the same truths found in the standard works.  Imagine also the many times these sacred family records could be used in family home evenings and other teaching situations to personalize the gospel truths."

From Don Norton, personal history instructor and Professor of English at Brigham Young University:

"The important thing is that you leave some kind of record of your own life -- as detailed and complete as you can make it.  Some is better than none, and it need not take only one form."

From Elder Theodore M. Burton, "The Inspiration of a Family Record" (Ensign, January, 1977):

"When we [put in] writing those things that have strengthened our own faith and courage, we strengthen faith and courage in our children and grandchildren. . . . When we share our faith, our testimony, and our own experiences with them we are in very fact writing a sacred guide for our family.  Reading that sacred record in times of stress will strengthen them . . . "

"Much of what we now regard as scripture was not anything more or less than men writing of their own personal experiences for the benefit of their posterity.  These scriptures are family records.  Therefore, as a people we ought to write of our own lives and our own experiences to form a sacred record for our descendants.  We must provide for them the same uplifting, faith-promoting strength that the ancient scriptures now give us."

From President Spencer W. Kimball, "The True Way of Life and Salvation" (Ensign, May, 1978):

"I urge all of the people of this church to give serious attention to their family histories, to encourage their parents and grandparents to write their journals, and let no family go into eternity without having left their memoirs for their children, their grandchildren, and their posterity.  This is a duty and a responsibility, and I urge every person to start the children out writing a personal history and journal."

From President Kimball, "The Angels May Quote from It" (New Era, October, 1975):

"Get a notebook, my young folks, a journal that will last through all time, and maybe the angels may quote from it for eternity.  Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements, and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies.  Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events."

From George D. Durrant, then Director of the Church Priesthood genealogy Division, at the World Conference on Records, 1980:

"How do we preserve our heritage? We begin at home, in the family. We talk to each other. We keep records. We write our personal history, however brief. We take pictures. The activity may be self-serving, in part. So be it. An individual needs some egocentric activity to maintain his emotional health. But it goes beyond that. If this World Conference on Records produces no other effect than to encourage families to build and extend their traditions, it will do much to preserve our heritage."

"The most exceptional stories are those written about ordinary people. Simple folks have the most interesting histories of all. . . . Now is the time to write the history of the heart."


  1. Hi, I'm from the TO2nd Ward and I enjoyed your class on Saturday, thank you for posting the quotes.
    Robyn Garner

  2. LOVE IT! I know the thearpy that writing can bring - and find joy and peace in some of the littlest things because of it. I love these quotes - they help me to re-focus my efforts :)

  3. I'm slow and just catching up on your posts now. This is a great one! I can never seem to find a theme, in journaling OR in blogging... and I hate thinking that what I write may be how people remember me (all the more reason to get it ALL down). But I think it is so important that we write stuff down! Any hoo - love the inspiration!

  4. p.s. LOVE the couple holding the 3 at the top of your blog - how did you do that?? Cute, cute, cute.

  5. Thanks, Aryn. I make all my headers in Gimp {the free Photoshop knock-off}. Every page connected to the tabs at the top has its own header. I found those great vintage images and just knew it was time for a blog makeover. That couple was actually holding a piggy bank or something so I just had to situate the 3 right on top to make it look like they were holding that instead. Easy cheesy! I still love reading your blog posts. Next time I come to Vegas we HAVE to get together. Miss you tons!

  6. I ♥ ♥ ♥ that Elder Groberg quote!
    I don't know if you do Project Life by Becky Higgins or know what that is, but I shared this post with her (I hope you don't mind).
    THANK YOU for sharing such great quotes!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I love Project Life. I'm glad you were as inspired by the quotes as I am.


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