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Big Plans

This morning I vow to begin the unceremonious removal of the master bedroom carpet.  Cassie, lovely dog, has decided our bedroom is for her most personal use, if you know what I mean.  Try as I might, I can't break her of the habit. Every time I think I've made progress we take two steps back.  We've {thought we} thoroughly cleaned up after each of her "accidents".  We've steam cleaned the carpets.  It still reeks in here.  And our once taupe carpet is now taupe with large gray-ish circles in a random pattern.  I shudder now at even the thought.  Can we afford to replace carpet right now?  Maybe.  Would it be wise, considering our current situation?  No. No, it would not.  So I'm going to try {cringe}painting the concrete for the time being.  Because, really, anything would be an improvement from our current situation.  Literally anything at all.

But don't you dare pity me with my concrete bedroom floors.  I'm also going to paint the walls and scrape off the popcorn ceiling and paint my ceiling fan and sew the curtains for which I bought fabric a year ago.  And it's going to be stunning.  Mark my words.  Stunning.  You're all going to want concrete floors of your own by the time I'm finished.  That's right.  Stun. Ning.


  1. I have no doubt. You sound SO SO ambitious. I will try to draw inspiration from you to finally finish a few small painting projects I have left over from when I moved in 10 months ago.

  2. Have you thought about staining the concrete? When we had finally had it with the pink- pee stained carpet we planned to go that route (sooo super cool). But alas, there was a large crack in the concrete under the carpet so we went with plan B (intrest free financing at Lowes). I know it will be totally fab! Call if you need help --- IOU!

  3. I saw the coolest thing in a home once. They took paper grocery bags, ripped them into large pieces, some pieces they wrote their favorite quotes on and they covered their cement floor with them, then sealed it with some floor sealer. Really inexpensive but gave the floor a little more warmth. I'm sure you could let your mind go wild with this idea. When Sherm built our bed, he used roller-skating rink sealer to seal our bed, he just got it at a lumber store. It might work on cement? I always thought it would be fun to cover the floor in grocery bags then make a mod-podge area rug with wrapping paper/wall paper/photos etc.
    Food for thought. Keeping you guys in our prayers!

  4. Yeah, our concrete is totally cracked. I was going to do a large (like 18" square) checkerboard pattern on the diagonal in charcoal gray and cream with an antique glaze and then a sealer, but I'm afraid now the cracks will look ridiculous. I'm LOVING the paper bag idea. Thanks Daina!


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