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Body Image

I attended the most wonderful "seminar" about body image last night called, "More Precious Than Rubies:  The Truth About Body Image in a World Full of Lies".  It was absolutely life-altering for me.  I wish Sis could have come with me, but she had obligations of her own.  It was taught by two sisters whose other sister had struggled with anorexia.  One of them told the story of watching a neighbor walk his three dogs past her home every morning.  One was a Greyhound, one a Poodle, and the other a German shepherd.  She said it occurred to her one day, "I wonder if that Poodle ever looks at the Greyhound and says, 'I wish I had legs like those,' or if the Greyhound was ever jealous of the German Shepherd's beautiful coat."  No!  Of course they don't!  For a Poodle to have a Greyhound's legs is a genetic impossibility.  And for me to be a size 2 with beautiful blond hair is also a genetic impossibility.  So why do I fret so much about being anything other exactly what I am?!  Could I make changes in my lifestyle that would IMPROVE MY GENERAL HEALTH?  Of course I could.  But those changes will do nothing to change WHO I AM inside.  Or very much about what I look like on the outside, really.  Or my worth as a person. 

Society puts a lot of pressure on women nowadays regarding our appearance.  Millions of dollars a year are spent digitally altering the photographs in magazines and advertisements to make us feel bad about ourselves.  Yeah, that's the goal. Because if we feel bad about ourselves, then they can sell us the remedy to whatever they've convinced us is wrong with us.  It's crazy.  One of the ladies said, "I've never looked at the Pottery Barn catalog and come away feeling better about my house". That hit home to me, the interior designer,  but it's the same with makeup ads and magazine covers.  Because it's so easy to believe the lie. 

Then she made the point that the day her first child was born, and they laid that precious girl in her arms, she thought she had never before seen anything so perfect and so beautiful and so valuable in all the world.  We all feel that way about our children.  And our mothers felt that way before us, and their mothers before them.  But ultimately we have that Heavenly Parent who STILL thinks we are, each of us, His crowning achievement.  The most precious thing He ever created.  No matter what size our jeans are.  Life-altering, I tell you.


  1. That sounds amazing! I wish these boys could go to something like that. His hair is too curly, his hair is too straight, his butt sticks out too much - yes, this epidemic of low body image is universal.
    I try to not foster that by being critical of my self. At least not outlound in front of them.
    What an inspiring message. Improving ourselves for the RIGHT reason will allow our Heavenly Father to help us along the way. It's all in our honest intentions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful post! I am thankful for those who spend their time teaching the truth in a world of lies. And for those who post about it:) ALL of us can learn from it. (And it's something I'll be sharing with my daughter.)


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