My 3 Monsters: How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

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How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Delivered to me yesterday by my youngest son, this note got me a little bit choked up.  Did he really worry that I wouldn't forgive him?  Have I left even the slightest doubt in my child's mind about my loving him always and forever, no matter how many tantrums he throws?  Could he possibly think the bond between us would be severed by something as trivial as him not wanting to go to bed?  Yes, my son, I do forgive you.  I will always forgive your mistakes just as you always forgive mine.  I will always love you in a way that you will not understand until you have a rowdy little boy of your own.  And I'm proud of the maturity you are showing lately.  It takes a big man to recognize when he has done wrong and ask forgiveness.  And thanks for the note.  Those are the things we moms live for.

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  1. This might just be what you signed up for...
    :) Treasure it always and when he is 14 and doesn't write a note - you can pull it out and pretend. (not that I would have any experience with that sort of thing)


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