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Masters of Greek Mythology

Overheard this weekend:

Ri:  If you could have a Greek god for your parent who would you want it to be?  Except for Poseidon, obviously

Sis:  Yeah, obviously.  Maybe  Athena, then.

Ri:  Yeah, or maybe  . . .  (10 minute conversation ensues)

Thank you, Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson for opening a whole new world of knowledge to my children.  Especially Ri, who had never read a book for pleasure before picking up The Lightening Thief during Christmas break.  To date he has devoured four entire books.  FOUR!!!  Now, I've seen the movie, but someone needs to explain to me why, obviously, Poseidon was excluded from the conversation above.  I'm thinking that, because he is Percy's father, he's pretty cool and obviously he'd be everyone's first choice?  Don't you hate it when your kids know more than you?


  1. Ry and a friend got to meet the author at a book signing. Ry and Em LOVE those books. I need to read them. As I said, I liked the movie.

  2. Taiden was the same way - didn't love reading until he started this series. I've even caught him with a flashlight reading past his bedtime because he couldn't put it down. Huzzah!


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