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This Wasn't in the Job Description

I've worn several hats as a mother that have caused me to throw my hands in the air and exclaim, "I didn't sign up for this!"  Namely "kids' pedicure specialist" (toenail clipper), "school principal/family liason" (person who happens to always answer the phone when the principal calls about a child's behavior), and "emotional bodyguard" (first line of defense between pre-teen drama queen and her feuding peers).  Add "iPod repair technician" to that list.  Remember this devastation?  Well, the "geniuses" (That's what they call themselves.  Seriously? Someone thinks highly of themself . . )  at the Apple store wanted $200 to repair it.  Ummmmmmm, no.  We told our dear one she would just have to live with it until she could earn the money to replace it.  And living with it she was until she perchance participated in a focus group and earned $100.  And also, perchance, discovered you can buy replacement parts on ebay to fix various technical gadgets on your own.  At home.  Quick . . . and . . . easy . . .  And so the adventure began.  Actually, it's not much of a story.  It was relatively painless.  Relatively.  I'm just always taken aback never really surprised at the many and varied "opportunities"  with which motherhood presents me.  Sometimes I wonder if I had known 14 years ago that someday my eleven year old daughter would want me to crack open her expensive techno-gadget and mess around with it's innards, with complete faith that I would restore it to proper working order just as I had "fixed" all her scraped knees with my kisses, would I have taken the job?  Would I have signed that "contract" as readily as I did and with the same wide-eyed optimism?  Granted, 14 years was a long time ago.  Back then iPods were nothing more than a sparkle in Steve Jobs' eye.  And I had cheerfully never clipped a smelly little boy's toenails.  But my answer tonight, with a (mostly) fixed iPod under my belt, is a resounding YES!  Yes, I'm happy to do these crazy things for my family.  Yes, I'd do it all over again.  Yes, I somehow ended up exactly where I belong in life.  Yes, these little tasks make me happy.  And yes, that part was in the job description.

*Apologies for the overuse of quotes , run-on sentences and elipses.  It's one of those nights. . .


  1. LOL--"No honey, you don't understand: when I was born, computers were the size of your school. I didn't touch one until I was 7, honest, and even then, computers spoke Logo and all you could do was draw a house with a little turtle/blip. I really am not qualified to monkey with your technology. Oh alright, I'll give it a try. It can't be that much harder than re-winding a tangled cassette tape back into the case, can it?"

  2. Wow! You got me curious as to what was involved in taking apart an ipod touch. That's a pretty tricky little device. It seems like you can break things in just about every step. I took apart an mac laptop to replace the hard drive one time and that was nothing compared to the touch. Good job Amy, I'm impressed!

  3. Well . . . don't be too impressed. The glass and frame on top don't fit in exactly as they probably should in one corner, but it's not loose like it's going to fall out and everything works great. . . Except that the home button is a little sticky. I told Sydney you get what you pay for.

  4. Also Taylor, Sydney is lucky I didn't talk to you BEFORE I attempted this repair. I would never have agreed to do it if YOU thought it was going to be tricky!


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